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This is why you shouldn't bite, Canucks.

But I still love you Canada


- Mike

So how aboot that Stanley Cup, eh

I am now 21!

2011-05-01 03:05:33 by ImpendingRiot

I am now 21. I am happy that I have successfully not died for this long.

I also look forward to becoming acquainted with as many fruity woman drinks as possible.

P.S. The turrets in Portal 2 are adorable and I want one.

I am now 21!

Hey Newgrounders,

It's me, Mike.

NG users have done some amazing things for people who needed help. I need help. I've completed a couple of screenplays, and I'm having severe difficulty finding good places to send them to.

It doesn't help that I'm in Rhode Island, a world away from LA. I was wondering if anyone had any connections and would be willing to hook me up. I could provide you a sample of the writing so you'd know you're (hopefully) not forwarding over 120 pages of drivel to your friends.

I'll accept help from anyone at this point, and I figured I might as well start here.

Hope you're all doing well.

Treasures from the 1950s

2011-01-31 13:59:02 by ImpendingRiot

So I'm a huge film fan, and something I enjoy doing is watching older movies. I do this for two reasons, mainly.

One, I'm a movie fan. I enjoy pretty much every aspect of movies. My music library is probably 75% film soundtracks. There's something to be said about a movie that is over sixty, sometimes seventy years old, that is still entertaining.

Which leads me to the second reason I watch older movies - research. I enjoy writing, animating, and several other visual arts. If a movie holds up sixty or seventy years after its creation, there's something to be said about it. Sure, there's literary things like The Hero's Journey that has arguably held up for thousands of years. But visually, there's nothing quite like film and its language.

Anyways, recently I've been watching noir movies as research for a couple of upcoming projects. One I watched and really enjoyed was Kansas City Confidential. It's on Netflix Instant Streaming, as well as on Youtube in its entirety.

Watch Here

It's not perfect, but it's entertaining enough.

Up next on my "To Watch" list is

The Lady from Shangha
No Way Out
The Stranger
The Third Man

I'm really shifting towards writing lately, in case anyone was curious of my absence. I've far from given up animation or flash games, it's just branching off and exploring something new. I've finished a screenplay, and I'm working on a second one right now. I've always loved movies and I'm thinking more and more of how to get myself closer to working in that industry.

Also, we lost a legendary composer this week, John Barry. You all probably know him best for his iconic James Bond theme. However it struck me a little harder because, as I've said, I've been doing research in to the noir genre and I picked up the "Body Heat" soundtrack, which he composed. I haven't actually seen Body Heat, but the soundtrack is quite excellent. Anyways, three days after I got it, the composer passed away.

I Love You Fight Club

2010-04-20 15:51:45 by ImpendingRiot

This isn't Newgrounds related at all really, but I've recently watched I Love You Man for the first time and what struck me, apart from how funny it was, was that it is basically Fight Club, if Fight Club was a romantic comedy.

Spoiler warning, big time mon.

So at the start of the films, we meet Jack and Peter Klaven, who live a pretty normal life and work a white collar 9-5 type job.

We learn that Jack and Peter don't hang out with the typical crowd. Jack attends support groups, all of Peter's friends are women. It's clear, they're unhappy. Something is missing. They find what they think they've been looking for in the form of a new friend (Tyler Durden/Sydney Fife). When Jack and Peter Klaven first talk to their new friends, they provide interesting insight and facts about human behavior. Tyler theorizes that during a plane crash, oxygen is simply a tool to make passengers euphoric and calm. Sydney explains how he knows a couple hasn't had sex yet because he can tell the man is holding in a fart. Jack and Peter are very impressed, this new man is much more interesting than they are and seems to hold so much wisdom.

Tyler and Sydney are physically much larger than Jack and Peter, and they also dress in far more interesting and unique vintage items.

As their relationship continues, and they become more friendly, Tyler and Sydney decide to help Jack and Peter break out of their shell. Tyler wants Jack to hit him as hard as he can. Sydney wants Peter to yell at him as loud as he can.

Jack and Tyler start a Fight Club. Pete and Sydney start a band.

Tyler talk about dead historical figures he wants to fight. Sydney talks about a dead historical figure his dog resembles.

Half way in to the movies there's a major problem with an obscure celebrity, Meatloaf and Lou Ferrigno.
(Incidentally, both Tyler and Sydney eventually give Lou a piece of their mind.)

There is a sequence in both movies that involve stylish tuxedos.

As Jack and Peter's new-found friendship increases in intensity, Marla/Zooey become concerned and aggravated.

Jack decides he might have to end things with Tyler, but no matter where he goes people seem to treat him differently because of Project Mayhem and just how far the Fight Clubs have spread.

Peter decides he might have to end things with Sydney, but no matter where he goes people seem to treat him differently because the billboards with his picture have spread.

At the end of the film, Marla and Zooey are there to witness the resolve of the friendships. Jack shoots himself in the face effectively killing Tyler. Peter asks Sydney to be his best man.

Cue credits.

I could probably think of even more things, but this is already a way more nerdy than it needed to be analysis.