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Hello again.

Posted by ImpendingRiot - October 20th, 2018

Wow. Time sure does fly.

It's been 4 years since I've made a news post, even though I still check the site regularly. I wish I had some groundbreaking or exciting news to share, but truthfully I've mostly been just trying to put myself back together. I hit a rough patch with depression, and it's only after having some distance from it that I realize how much it impacted my creative output. I get bummed that I lost as much time as I did, but I don't want to dwell on the past. I'm all about moving foward :)

So on a more positive note, I've been doing Inktober and it's felt great! It's nice to go to bed with a tangible finished product every night, and it's flexing creative muscles that have felt rusty and neglected to say the least.


Trying to think of what else to say... Anyone see MANDY? Crazy bonkers movie I can't stop thinking about. MANIAC on Netflix is pretty awesome so far. Pumped for Red Dead 2, little bummed about the stories coming out about the labor practices though.


How have you all been? Any cool recommendations?



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Hello! We are nice, thanks! Recomendations -new netflix hit Hilga.

Awesome! I just watched the trailer, it looks right up my alley :)

Glad to hear things are looking up with Inktober at least! Creativity cures the soul truth be told. :)

MANDY hmm, Netflix original? Red Dead 2 too? Haven't heard of any of these! They're really taking over. Going to check though.

Also I been good! So much greatness lately you just gotta follow the P-Bot posts or you miss too much. Artists just keep getting better and better (or were you talking about movies particularily?).

MANDY is going to eventually be on Amazon Prime I believe! Great tip about P-Bot, I've been slacking/overwhelmed about the amount of content. And nope, I didn't mean just movies -- interested in whatever is setting peoples souls on fire

Hmm not tuned in to either Amazon or Netflix at the moment, but good to know! As for what's been particularly much on fire here recently hmm... some recent slices of greatness:


...well there's just too much! I used to have a select few eternal favorites but these days... just don't know. On topic of movies the latest Mission Impossible was pretty great. Been a while since I saw something really unique though.

Awesome, thank you! And yeah, the Mission Impossible was a ton of fun for sure

I definitely feel you on the inhibiting effects on creative output that depression has. Kinda wishing I would have applied myself to actually completing a full Inktober, but maybe next time. Currently in the rebirth process myself. I've got a clean slate and I'm eager to to reconnect with that part of my brain.

I'm glad to hear you're doing better, too :) No shame in not finishing Inktober -- try next year, or just do the prompts that speak to you. Anything is better than nothing, and sometimes nothing is okay too.

Depression can be rough, still have it and struggle with it every day although it is alot less then a year ago. anyway i am glad you are feeling better, even if depression will never go away seeing the positive side and working on something really helps so i am happy for you ^^ mabey you can share some of your inktober work that would be nice to see ^^ anyway i wish you good luck in the future as well.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I do plan on uploading some of the ones I'm more proud of, Inktober wise.

I haven't seen MANDY but I enjoyed Maniac and have also been watching Hilga, which is really nicely done and great for the kids, too.

Did you see the latest Captain Tardigrade?


Well. I'm definitely checking out Hilga now. I did not see Captain Tardigrade before, but that was amazing, haha! Thank you for the recommendation :)

Good to hear from you! Happy to see that you're doing well and creating again =)

Thank you :)

I follow you and twitter and I have been loving your inktober drawings!

Thanks for creating Myosotis. It made me a better person, writter, game dev, DM, friend, bf, and everything else. Thank you

welcome back. im so thankful to god and you, you are aliving. and can i ask where is rick?

suddenly im curious myosotis android.ver will comeout? few month ago , when i played a shooting game that from playstore, my bro told me he had played that game too on web-flash-games site when few years ago . so i thought about myosotis coz that web-flash-games site has that game and myosotis too. :P

Hi, i love your job and The game Alice is dead is my favorite, pls do a Android HD Remake PLS ?