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Welcome to the Space Jam

2013-10-05 15:29:04 by ImpendingRiot

New project is shaping up, people of Earth.

Welcome to the Space Jam


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2013-10-05 19:32:41

Looks pretty sweet.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thank you sir! You're pretty sweeet


2013-10-05 22:21:51

Diggin' the look so far~

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thank you kindly, I dig YOU so far.


2013-10-06 03:21:08

Looks pretty cool.( I'm ready for my compliment now.)

ImpendingRiot responds:

I was going to say you aren't cool, because you're EXPECTING a comment and I like to do the UNEXPECTED. But then I looked at your profile and saw you had a picture of a snake that looks pretty cool. So yeah you jerk, I guess you seem pretty cool.


2013-10-06 23:04:24

come on and SLAM

ImpendingRiot responds:

This one. This one understands.


2013-10-07 11:51:44

Mmm, tasty jam.

ImpendingRiot responds:

The tastiest