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2013-12-13 15:38:33 by ImpendingRiot

Hey friends, long time no see, eh? First things first, make sure you go check out my pal Hyptosis's teaser for a new game he's working on. It looks pretty awesome, and it's in space.


Did you look? Go look. I'll wait.

Okay, awesome right? As far as things on my end, Myosotis Chapter 4 is complete, for those of you wondering. It's due to be launched sometime in March. I plan on ending it with Chapter 5.

Myo4 Teaser


I'm also working on a TEXT ADVENTURE GAME PUZZLE THING. Do any of you enjoy text adventures? Mike asked with a hint of fear in his voice. It's called ONE WORD, and it's going to be creepy and atmospheric. A change of pace for me ;)

One Word

Boy, I'm having a field day with this sweet new blog system. Okay, so now for some stuff that will PROBABLY get me in trouble with the powers that be. But whatever, it's my party, and I'll leak if I want to.

Here's an exclsuive peek at a game that's still in very early planning stages. But it's intended to be a full length, Steam type release. It's called Smug...and well, just take a look.





The temporary placeholder music in that trailer is courtesy of David Orr. In the final game, I'm hoping to have an original sundtrack composed by him and the lovely Hania.

Pretty neat right? I told y'all I wasn't dead.


I'll be at PAX East in April, for the third year in the row. I *finally* think I have the whole convention thing figured out. It's amazing how overwhelming they are the first few times. Especially if you're a shy little cupcake like I am.


Anyways, that's about it.



Oh, except...there's also this:



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2013-12-13 15:53:57

i want some seasoned steak. why did i click this

ImpendingRiot responds:

Mmm. Steak.


2013-12-13 16:45:20

I'm impressed that you develop a properly formatted screenplay. I just jot down a few ideas in scattered notepads and fill in the rest while creating the animatic.

ImpendingRiot responds:

I'm much looser for projects I'm going to animate myself. This is actually written with the intent of film and attracting outside talent.

When it's for me, I totally do sketches and crazy person notes.


2013-12-13 17:59:18

looks pretty damn good

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-12-13 18:28:14

I'm still confused about of a lot of things about Alice is Dead. But I still enjoyed the games, although I could never get past the last part of the second game, after the Hatter kills everyone. Regardless, I am still looking forward to this.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks :) sorry you had trouble with 2


2013-12-14 09:49:24

Thanks for the pimpage brother. *salts his space slug steak and noms*

ImpendingRiot responds:

Pimpin' pimpin' pimpin'


2013-12-14 12:31:38

*Punches self into face* GODDAMN! I was writing screenplays using storyboards ALL THIS TIME

ImpendingRiot responds:



2013-12-14 21:16:41

So should I click it or not? I'M SO CONFLICTED!

ImpendingRiot responds:



2013-12-15 15:13:51

This looks like a lot of fun :3

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks :) Hopefully it is


2014-03-03 15:07:15

I would buy a full fledged 'Alice is dead' in heartbeat! Loved the others to death, I still play "Alice is Dead 1" all the time

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks :) We'll see what happens...